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Power plant

6.6 KV 3600KW high voltage soft starter reconstruction project

Project background:

The project is located in the CHANDPUR 150MW power plant in Bangladesh.

The original RENLE brand soft start has been suspended for more than two years, unable to complete the start of the air compressor, which brings huge hidden dangers to the normal production of the entire power plant.

The project belongs to the BPDB government project. After more than one year of negotiations, AUBO won the bid and we completed all production according to power plant’s requirements both on the design and technical.

Projec inspection

Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the appearance and size of the site

Project production:

Selected high quality accessories

Strict quality inspection and factory testing

Site removal:

Detection motor interface

Detect old machine incoming, outgoing, and control cable

Check the original PLC terminal interface settings

Demolition of the old machine and return to the specified style and location as required by the owner

Site installation:

Low voltage load test

Cabinet installation

Cable layout and connection

Terminal interface connection

Welding fixed cabinet ready for debugging

On-site commissioning:

On-site power distribution detection

Power plant engineer communication

Adjust parameters to prepare for debugging


Everything is running on site smoothly

*** You can find more debugging details in bottom video

Air compressor resumes normal operation

Project handover

Power plant owner acceptance

Related documentation and accessories delivery

Technical Training

Project video (12mins posted on Youtube)

If you cannot watch the video pls kindly click here to watch it in Youtube.

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The project signed a contract with AUBO in April 2019.
Payment method: L/C at sight
Installation and commissioning completion time: August 30, 2019

Update: 20/12/2019 by DUSTIN

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