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AUBO in SPS Germany 2019 H3-673

We are looking forward to welcoming you at SPS 2019, hall 3. Save the date!

Experience Industrie 4.0 in practice
Digital Enterprise – Thinking industry further!
The ongoing individualization of products leads to continuously increasing requirements for productivity and flexibility of production. To meet these requirements, our unique Digital Enterprise solution portfolio merges the virtual with the real world, enabling companies of all sizes and from all industries to produce faster, more flexible, better, and more secure. New developments like flexible mass production, modular production units, or collaborative robots are changing the requirements for industrial companies. At SPS 2019 we’ll show how we are constantly expanding the Digital Enterprise portfolio with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence or edge computing and are enabling completely new ways to use digital data in order to increase productivity and to develop new business models.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at SPS 2019, November 26th-28th @ HALL3-673

Time: Nov.26- 28, 2019

Address: Nürnberg messe

AUBO booth: Hall 3- 673

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